If you’re looking for a way to boost revenue and profits for your business, you’ve come to the right place…

Let Me Help You Turn Leads Into Sales… Attract More Repeat Customers… And Build Profitable, Evergreen Income Streams… “


Dear ambitious entrepreneur,


Let me give a wild guess why you’re here.

You took the leap of faith, fired your boss’ ass and set out to create your own path.

Why? So you can be “The Boss” of your life, for once.

You want to play by your rules.

But, now you feel it’s not as easy as the gurus you see everywhere make it out to be.

You feel the pressure of being the one calling the shots.

You’re now the guy carrying all the weight on his shoulders.

You set out to learn the ropes yourself, and you’ve gotten so far so good on your own.

But the big problem now is that you can’t seem to get people to give you money for your product or service.


Now You Feel Like

You’re Stuck In “Phase One”


You’re not sure what to do next… and you don’t know who to turn to for help.

But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Hi, my name is Josh Sarz. I’m a copywriter, marketing strategist and “Evil Plan Instigator”.

And like I said above, I can help your business turn leads into sales, get more loyal customers and build profitable, evergreen income streams… so in the long run you can sit back, relax and experience all the best things in life while your business continues to produce mad profits.

That’s the goal of just about any smart business owner, isn’t it?

I’ve helped my clients sell everything from mold remediation equipment, property cleaning services, and pre-owned vehicles to software, information, specialty food, health supplements, and a lot more.


Let Me Help You

Grow Your Profits


I’m primarily a copywriter.

That means I specialize in crafting sales messages to help your ideal customers make informed, smart decisions… which then leads to buying your product/service.

Whether it be a sales letter, a video script, an email series, Opt-in/Landing page copy, or any form of copy you need, I can write it for you in your “voice”.

Why do you need to invest in a copywriter and not just scoop out any freelance writer to do the job at a much cheaper price?

Short answer: You get what you pay for.

Long answer: Let’s say you want to get your house remodeled. You wouldn’t want to hire your doctor to do the job, would you? Doctors are experts and specialists at what they do, but no matter how good they are at their job they don’t do expert-level home remodeling.

That’s why putting your marketing/advertising on the skilled hands of a Copywriter is a smart decision for business growth.

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