Who is Josh Sarz?

josh fishingGeek. Gamer. Voracious reader. And recently a dad. (Fuck yeah!)

And as you can see from the picture on the right, I’m no expert at fishing. That’s a tiny, tiny fish. Is that a sardine?

In all seriousness though, I’m a copywriter (went PRO since 2011) and marketing strategist for authors, experts and small to large businesses who want to get ahead of the competition.

In short, I help those with a vision, message and expertise make money out of doing what they love and living a life of freedom and pure awesomeness.

How’d I learn this craft?

By sheer dumb luck… at first. Then a ton of hustle. And even more hustle after that.

Started out as a freelance writer who accidentally stumbled onto the rabbit hole of advertising, copywriting and digital marketing. To me, that was like DRUGS. I couldn’t get enough of learning more and more.

So I bought a whole bunch of books on copywriting, marketing, persuasion, sales and psychology. Next I invested a whole lot more money on my copy education by getting into courses by some really smart and legendary copywriters and marketers.

Then I reached out to some amazing, wonderful mentors who taught me (drilled it into my head actually) how to boost my game and almost ensure that my clients make a lot of money from the words I write.

And during my years of working with some awesome clients and industry behemoths, I got a behind-the-scenes look at the geniuses behind their marketing strategies. And like the good boy that I am, I absorbed everything like a sponge. Then I use this special insider knowledge to help my own clients make more money.

I’m practically stealing what brings the most results for my past clients and applying it to my future clients.

And they’re happy to pay me big bucks for it.

Surge Hammer Marketing

Surge Hammer Marketing is where all this has led up to all these years.

Naturally, one would get bored with just working on his own. So when a couple of hungry individuals reached out to me about their interest to learn to do what I do, I decided to give them a shot.

So I built a team of geeky geniuses who help me create beautiful, persuasive and effective copy and marketing solutions for my clients.

Why Surge Hammer?

Well, it’s got something to do with my name.

It also means that we help our clients SMASH the competition and send out SHOCKWAVES of influence, authority and persuasion in their market. Each campaign is so powerful, it leaves a gigantic dent on the face of the earth.

Isn’t that just the coolest thing?

And who knows, maybe we could work together and bring in some major profits for your business.

Click here to contact us and get started today…