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Dear friend,

You’re probably here because you want to know who – or what Sagoyism is all about.

This humble website is where you and I talk about using Copywriting and Content Marketing best practices to grow our business. I’ll tell you all about how we can do that together, but first, let me break the ice, and tell you who I am (and break some ‘About page’ rules in the process). If you find me as someone who you don’t want to work with, you can go ahead and leave. I don’t want to keep wasting your time.

I’m Josh Sarz, a freelance copywriter and the founder of As a youngster, I’ve always had a fascination with stories and writing. I was never the wild child. From fiction novels and comic books, to movies and video games, my life was surrounded by stories.

Fast forward a decade or so later, I’m writing blog posts and talking about Copywriting and Content Marketing to people who want to learn more on how to grow their business. But I’m far from a being a master-guru. One reason is that I’ll forever be a student of new knowledge and ideas. I believe that we never stop learning, no matter how much we already know.

That’s what this website is all about. It’s not just about Copywriting and Content Marketing. It’s also about what we will learn, together, to grow our businesses and improve our lives with this knowledge.


This is Amor, my partner-in-crime and right hand-man (erm, I mean lady). She’s in charge of the really, really hard stuff like research and data gathering, social media marketing, SEO, as well as a little bit of the copywriting.

She works mostly in the background, but without her this place will literally fall apart.

Critical Strategies to Grow Your Business


Your blog is the turning point for your success.

Use your blog the right way, and your traffic will skyrocket. Influence will be stronger than ever. Sales will go through the roof.

But if you do it wrong, then your business will turn into a ghost town in no time.

So how do you do it right?

1. Content Marketing is the evolution of blogging, the bigger, stronger version. It means freely providing valuable information that is relevant to your business and services.

What’s the catch?

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to give information so valuable that people will want to know more. And by getting more, they will voluntarily opt-in to subscribe through email, RSS or on social media.

2. Copywriting is simply persuasive writing. The sweet-smelling, ‘Black Hole’ effect that your content will have when you are using the right words to say your message, leading up to leads, sales or subscribers.


You can join the fun

You and I will be talking about best practices with Copywriting and Content Marketing, and applying it to your blog, your offline business, or just about anything.

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