How To Increase, Double And Even Triple Your Conversion Rates By Killing Cats

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Double, triple conversion rates

Holey smokes, Batman!

Conversion leads to sales.

Sales lead to money. Money… leads to suffering!

Enough with the Yoda impersonation. I apologize for that. I couldn’t resist.

Conversion does lead to sales. That’s why it’s important that your online platform not only focuses on getting traffic, but converting that traffic into subscribers or consumers.

The previous post on why scare tactics don’t work was an experiment of sorts. Not only was I writing to get traffic with that post, but I wanted to see if I could get a few more people to convert by killing cats. And it was a success.

Killing cats? What are you talking about? I thought this was all about writing? Stick with me  and I’ll explain.

How To Boost Conversion Rates By Killing Cats

It’s an old saying.

You’re probably familiar with “Curiosity killed the cat”, right?

I bet you are. I also bet that’s why the previous blog post doubled my subscriber count and boosted conversion rates.

It wasn’t just about writing short sentences to let readers experience somewhat of a ‘Slippery slide’ to get them through the whole post.

It was with the call to action at the end. Not only was I writing  a call to action for people to subscribe, but I also planted the element of curiosity.


Plant Seeds Of Curiosity

Plant it all over your content.

You see, one of the ways you can let your readers experience the ‘Slippery slide’ effect to conversion, aside from writing short sentences, is to plant curiosity in your content.

This is the same reason why killer headlines work so well for conversion rates. It starts by planting curiosity at the beginning. This compels the reader to click-through. As the reader sifts through your page, these seeds of curiosity will compel people to continue reading.

It’s not even difficult to apply. It can be done by writing lines like:

  • “…continue reading now…”
  • “Let’s take a look at one HUGE example of why scare tactics don’t work, shall we?”
  • “Let me tell you something that does…”

At the end of the previous post, I also hinted on what the next topic would be about, but made it sound a little vague by using this:

Here’s a hint.

It played well with the fact that the next topic would be about curiosity.

I got people writing me emails telling me that the “hint” didn’t show up, or that the picture didn’t load. The line itself was the hint. Notice there was nothing below that line but empty white space.


Dull content kills conversion rates

Sprinkle seeds of curiosity all over.

These lines play a subtle, yet effective role in getting your content read and improving your conversion rates. Adding this touch to your writing makes people want to know more about your topic, product or service.

You may have better ways to add the element of curiosity in your content. If you do, let’s talk about it in the comments section.

Now I bet you’re relieved that you don’t have to kill real cats to get people to read your stuff. Well, you and me both.


P.S. – On the next post, I’ll be talking about another method you can use to enhance the ‘Slippery Slide’ effect of your content. If you haven’t subscribed to get instant updates yet, do it now.

Make sure not to miss out on more ways to get people to read your stuff, fall in love with it and convert.

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