Why No One Reads Guest Posts Anymore

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No one reads guest posts

Photo under Flickr Creative Commons from Mshades

Who has the time to read guest posts nowadays?

Certainly not people like James Chartrand, Derek Halpern, Stuart Mills, Marcus Sheridan and a bunch of other big names.

And not only them, but I bet you don’t read all guest post submissions on sites like Problogger, Copyblogger, Freelance Switch, Write to Done, etc… Well, why should you?

I’ve talked with a lot of people about the impressions they get when they see a guest post on someone else’s blog, and here’s what most of them had to say.


Is no one reading guest posts anymore?

“None of the big names are reading blogs.” – James

No one is reading them, so why should you be writing them at all? All that hard work and research and no one is reading them.

That’s quite a shame if you ask me. Instead of reading guest posts, people with successful blogs and businesses of their own are out doing their own thing.

Not following every blog on the planet. Not subscribing to every new blogger in the biz. Their making stuff happen on their own terms.

Guest posts won’t get you everyone’s attention

“If you want attention, do something worthy of attention… on your own site.” – Derek

Derek’s right. If you’re guest posting on someone else’s blog, you won’t get the attention of every single one who reads it.

I recently did a little study and some sleuthing by plain out asking several people about their impressions on guest posts. I got some shocking results. Well, shocking for me at least.

I learned that only 20% of all the people I interviewed actually click through the guest poster’s byline to check out their site. And on top of that, less than 10% of them are actually interested in signing up to a list.

Imagine that. Almost no one is reading guest posts, and almost no one is interested in signing up to another email list.

Now, why should you be reading guest posts again?


Guest posts don’t attract everyone, but…

“If I read an article that ‘gets me’, then I will click through.” – Stuart

But they attract the right people.

Who are the “right people”? Since no one clicks through your byline on your guest posts, who’s left to actually notice you?

They  are your target customers. Your real audience. They are the people who you should be writing to, and not everyone else who just skips past your content. They are the people who are actually looking for someone to help them with their problems. They are the people who need your services. Prospect clients who need your freelance writing services.

You don’t need everyone on your list. You don’t need everyone to read your blog. You just need the right people.

The ones who are not only there to read your content, but also believe in the product or idea that you are sending out. Not the ones who are ‘on the fence’. Not your haters. They’re not going to buy your book anyway. They’re not going to purchase your software.

The big names were guest posters too

“Most A-listers, once they reach a certain point, stop guest posting.” – Mane Man Marcus

Leo Babauta, Brian Clark, Danny Iny, Jon Morrow and the ones I already mentioned above are all big names in their field. They don’t read guest posts anymore, nor do they spend time reading other blogs because quite frankly, they’re too busy for that.

They’ve done their share, and now it’s our turn. It’s our turn to write guest posts that no one but the “right people” will read. Write for the right people, they always say.

Remember, what’s important is not the traffic spike that you get after your guest posts is published. It’s the conversion. It’s how many of the right people you’ve convinced to follow your lead.


If no one reads your guest posts, so what?

That’s right. So what?

The big names might not be reading them, but your target readers are. The real purpose of doing the whole thing is not to attract the big names, but to get seen by the people who resonate with you.

Whether you’re  a freelance writer, consultant, life coach or web design dude, you need to get out there and be seen by prospect customers.

No one reads guest posts. No one subscribes to your list. No one but the right people.


Let me pick your brain

How many guest posts on other blogs do you read on a daily basis? Are you too busy reading guest posts, or are you busy actually writing guest posts? And finally, what’s your take on getting only the right people to sign up to your list, and not everyone else. Let’s talk about it in the comments section below.

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